1st Acid-Base course

1st Acid-Base course

IFAD Acid-Base course

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(Limited places during IFAD2018)

Date: Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Location: Amsterdam UMC, Location VUmc, De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Room: TBA

Duration: Full Day 09:00 – 15:30

Pax: limited to a max of 50

Price: exceptionally low @ 150 EUR (meals and drinks included)

Comment: This workshop can only be booked in combination with attending the IFAD2018 meeting on Nov 23, 2018, at Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Key words

  • Become a better bedside doctor
  • Never be surprised by your patient’s blood gas ever again
  • Meet world-renown experts in the field
  • Truly master acid-base at the bedside
  • Supported by many interactive clinical cases
  • Bicarbonate Rules, Base Excess, Stewart, Mixed approaches

Course Directors

Paul Elbers (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Frantisek Duska (Prague, Czech Republic), Thomas Langer (Milan, Italy)


Paul Elbers (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Frantisek Duska (Prague, Czech Republic), Thomas Langer (Milan, Italy), Niels van Regenmortel (Antwerp, Belgium), Pietro Caironi (Turin, Italy), Luciano Gattinoni (Gottingen, Germany)

Target Audience

This course is for you if you practice clinical medicine and if you frequently need to analyze blood gas results. This applies to consultants and residents in intensive care medicine, anesthesiology, emergency medicine and internal medicine. However, anyone with an interest in acid base medicine is welcome to attend.

Overview and objectives

The course will start by refreshing core topics in acid base medicine. Then we will quickly move towards full and complete understanding of acid base medicine. There is a strong focus on bedside clinical interpretation of blood gas results and the course is supported by real clinical cases throughout. Following completion of this course acid base medicine well be completely demystified to you and you will be able to solve the most complex acid base challenges at the bedside with ease.


Preliminary Program

09.30   Welcome, Outline and Objectives – Paul Elbers

09.40   Clinical Cases to warm you up – Thomas Langer

09.50   Principles of Gas Exchange – Pietro Caironi

10.20   Acid-Base Equilibrium – Luciano Gattinoni

11.00   The Blood Gas Analyzer – Frantisek Duska

11.15   Clinical Cases – All faculty members

12.00   Lunch

12.30   Respiratory derangements – Paul Elbers     

12.50   Metabolic derangements – Niels van Regenmortel

13.10   Intravenous fluid therapy – Luciano Gattinoni

13.30   Metabolic acidosis: any role for alkalinizing agents – Frantisek Duska

13.50   Diuretics and acid-base alterations – Pietro Caironi

14.10   Cerebrospinal Fluid Acid Base – Thomas Langer

14.30   Break

14.45   Clinical cases – All faculty members

15.30   End of Course

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