The three pillars of hemodynamic management

The three pillars of hemodynamic management

More than just a hemodynamic monitor

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The 3 Pillars of Hemodynamic Management

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In Vygon, our mission can be simply represented within the 3 pillars of Hemodynamic Management: help the practitioner to make the right choice regarding signal, monitoring and infusion of the critically ill patient.

Each product in the portfolio is designed with the patient at the centre of our design process. For example, we select the most appropriate materials in our Leadercath arterial catheter range to ensure accurate signal quality during the life of the catheter. This ensures that the information required for advanced hemodynamic patient management is always clear and precise.

MostCareUp analyses the arterial signal and uses the unique position of each patient’s dicrotic notch to accurately measure advanced hemodynamic variables including CI, SVRI, PPV, Ea, DO2 as well as exclusive MostCareUp variables, including Cardiac Cycle Efficiency (CEE).

Link MostCareUp with our advanced range of MulticathUp central venous catheters to meet the fluid and infusion therapy requirements of the patient. This range includes both high flow options, up to 400 ml/min, as well as 5 and 7 lumen catheters, to minimise the risk of infusion error. Once completed with Octopus multi-lumen extensions and Vyline infusion lines, the infusion set-up will perfectly reach the specific requirements of multiple and complex infusions.

Our Critical Care technology is suitable for all patient types from the operating room to ICU and is available for use with full term infants to adult.

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