Dr. Lichtenstein Daniel

Dr. Lichtenstein Daniel
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Paris, France


Daniel Lichtenstein is medical intensivist working at Ambroise-Paré Hospital (Paris-West, France) since 1989, visiting Professor. Main developments: use of critical ultrasound since 1985, defined in 1991 (Intensive Care Med 19:353-355) as a discipline associating ultrasound diagnoses and immediate therapies, with adjunct uses (venous cannulation, thoracentesis...). Main publications: textbooks (1992, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2011 & 2015 editions, Springer), two dozens of original articles, mostly focused on lung and venous ultrasound, including: BLUE-protocol (acute respiratory failure), FALLS-protocol (lung ultra-sound for management of acute circulatory failure), SESAME-protocol (cardiac arrest), lung ultrasound in critically ill neonates. President of CEURF, personalized training center at the bedside in the I.C.U. , where critical ultrasound is taught as a holistic approach, favoring simple equipment (without Doppler), one universal probe for whole body, emphasis on lung, adapted venous ultra-sound, simple cardiac sonography (and others), extrapo-lation to multiple disciplines (pediatry, pulmonology...), settings (ICU, austere areas...), patients (from bariatric to neonates).

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